Pour la Halle aux Grains, Michel Bras

Three creations : bread baskets, table centers, buttons for men. And a choice of OOOO jewels.

Corbeille a pain pour la Halle aux grains, Michel Bras
Nuage de table, Pascale Lion pour la Halle aux Grains  - Michel Bras
Boutonnières, création Pascale Lion pour la Halle aux Grains - Michel Bras
collier 94 et manchette pour la Halle aux Grains -  Michel Bras

Interior architect, designer, I work with metallic meshes for more than 20 years.

Vase TA
Vases TA

Michel Bras choose my TA vases for the restaurant Le Suquet in 2010.

Parefeu en toile inox


Pascale Lion - Lampes TA atelier

TA lamps

Pascale Lion - Lampions en cotte de mailles

Chainmail lanterns, Hilton Evian

Rideau cotte de mailles - design Pascale Lion

Curtains for Foin CDM

Installations pour Philips, 2007

Installation for Philips

I am particularly interested in metallic meshes because, often, the weft is also structure, the structure is also texture, the seam is the material itself.
The materials are legible and expressive, as if under the light of the microscope, an almost panoramic impression, as Francis Ponge says, that I had in mind when kneading the stainless steel silk of the baskets.

Le pain

La surface du pain est merveilleuse d’abord à cause de cette impression quasi panoramique qu’elle donne : comme si l’on avait à sa disposition sous la main les Alpes, le Taurus ou la Cordillère des Andes.
Ainsi donc une masse amorphe en train d’éructer fut glissée pour nous dans le four stellaire, où durcissant elle s’est façonnée en vallées, crêtes, ondulations, crevasses… Et tous ces plans dès lors si nettement articulés, ces dalles minces où la lumière avec application couche ses feux, — sans un regard pour la mollesse ignoble sous-jacente.
Ce lâche et froid sous-sol que l’on nomme la mie a son tissu pareil à celui des éponges : feuilles ou fleurs y sont comme des sœurs siamoises soudées par tous les coudes à la fois. Lorsque le pain rassit ces fleurs fanent et se rétrécissent : elles se détachent alors les unes des autres, et la masse en devient friable…
Mais brisons-la : car le pain doit être dans notre bouche moins objet de respect que de consommation.

Francis Ponge, Le parti pris des choses, 1942

The bread basket

For me, the ideal object is a “only material“ object. That’s what Michel Bras asked me for his
bread basket.

In the research phase, it became obvious that any structure would be cumbersome, too talkative.

recherches matieres 1
corbeille recherches matieres

Stainless steel silks are the finest of the metal wefts. They have all the qualities of stainless steel and the fineness of a textile. Light and structural, like a nest, transparent, with flashes of light.

soies inox
soie inox ref 200
pascale Lion - corbeille à pain

Baskets assembly and shaping

création corbeille à pain
corbeille à pain, mise en forme

First serie, November 2020

Made by Tissages Moutet. Thanks to Laura!

Table centrepiece
The  idea of a cloud came as the decor began to take shape, echoing the transparencies towards the Paris sky.

Les Nuages, centres de table pour la Halle aux Grains

First serie. Each one is a bit different.

Transforming metal mesh into everyday objects means importing their palette of visual and tactile sensations into our living spaces: sparkles, reflections, moiré, transparencies, following the lights, following our movements, like an invitation to a little dance.

Adjustment in the restaurant area


Research and manufacturing

Les nuages,  recherches
Dass des nuages, recherches
Bases de nuages, acier noirci
Nuages, fabrications
Nuages, fabrication


Boutonnières, création Pascale Lion pour la Halle aux Grains - Michel Bras
Boutonnières pour la Halle aux Grains, recherches
Boutonnières pour la Halle aux Grains, recherches
Boutonnières pour La Halle aux Grains - design Pascale Lion
Boutonnières pour la Halle aux Grains,

Et les bijoux OOOO

The Halle aux Grains team chose basic models for the hostesses.

collier 94 et manchette pour la Halle aux Grains -  Michel Bras

Created in 2009, the OOOO jewelry and accessories collection has more than 50 models, and is distributed through nearly 100 points of sale, museum boutiques, concept stores, and galleries around the world.

For more information, or to receive HD images, contact us at +33(0)1 53 34 09 31 or here.  studio@pascalelion.com


My path as an interior designer and my passion for materials have led me to collaborate with industrialists, producers of metallic materials intended for all sorts of barely visible applications. I have found extraordinary material palettes, at the crossroads of traditional gestures and innovations, reflecting great know-how.

My role in product research and development as well as artistic direction has placed me at the interface between production and architectural and decorative issues, to imagine new applications for these materials, in everyday spaces and for objects.

To understand the logic of the material, the conditions of production, the constraints of implementation; to manipulate and experiment; and especially to dialogue with men and women virtuosos of their instruments, trying to approach the “good” object, here is my favorite job!

The jewelry came about almost by chance, while I was manipulating these materials. I, who did not wear jewelry, created exactly those that suited me, looking for the harmony of materials, the graphic games, the colored vibrations.
The choice of the greatest simplicity – each in its own way – and the quality of the materials and finishes have, from the start, generated real loyalties.

Created in 2009, the OOOO jewellery and accessories collection has more than 50 models and is distributed through nearly 100 points of sale, museum boutiques, concept stores and galleries around the world. Among them Le 107 Rivoli, Paris, Galerie Pierre, Monaco, Silvera, London, Bauhaus Museum, Dessau – MoMA, San Francisco, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Fondation Beyeler, Basel – Sabine Herman, Brussels – Magna Carta, Paris – Laténium, Switzerland – Bibracte, Mont-Beuvray – Le musée de l'Armée, Paris — Carillon, Fukuoka – l'Embellie, Paris – le musée Réatu, Arles – The Verde, Rome – GoRoom, Seoul – Bello, Wellington, N°28, Lausanne – Stadtgold, Franckfort – le musée Barberini, Postdam, . … and recently the Mucem in Marseille.