Meshes and finishes

The OOOO collection is made with two kinds of mesh:
– Chainmails, made of assembled small rings, are made of stainless steel or bronze. There are three sizes: small, large, XL.
– Flat mesh, “Scale”, is made of bronze. One size
The clasps and hooks are made of bronze or brass. The finishes are the same as those of the bronze meshes.

AR : silverish, polished stainless steel. Slightly matifies over time.
AR (flat mesh, hooks and clasps only): silverish bronze (1)
CU : shades of brown, polished and stoved stainless steel(2)
LIGHT : blond shades, polished and lightly stoved stainless steel(2)
BR : raw bronze, sanded, matte jeweler’s varnish
DO : golden, bronze gilded with fine gold
CA : bronze, “gun” finish
BLEU : shades of blue or violet, titanium(2)

(1)These jewelry treatments can evolve when in contact with cosmetics,  corrosive products, or with some people’s skin.
(2)The hue varies from one production to another. Irregularities are inherent to the artisanal process. Each serie is unique.

Meshes and materials used have their own specificity, which is why not all models are available in all finishes.

Made in France, with the greatest care.



– Avoid contact with sea or swimming pool water.
– Remove your jewelry for sports, gardening, or washing up.
– Avoid contact with chemicals.
– Recommended cleaning: wash with slightly soapy water and drying with a soft, lint-free cloth.
– A specific packaging is provided with each piece of jewelry. Use it to storeyour jewelry separately.
– The label contains an important warning:
 “Necklaces and belts are very resistant. Do not wear them if you might hook them to something, (during sporting activities or whileusing a machine). Do not let children play with them“.


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